Question: 1

  • Who is your Herbal Course suitable for?
  • Any member of the public who wants to learn the basics of herbal medicine.

Suitable for people who work in health stores and want a thorough knowledge of the herbs.

Therapists who want to learn about herbs and add this knowledge to their existing clinic.

People who want to improve their health with herbs and improve the health of their loved ones.

Question: 2

  • How long does it take to complete your Herbal Course?
  • On average, it takes 3 – 6 months. However, there is no time limit, so students can study at their own pace.

Question: 3

  • Is your Herbal Course fully tutored?
  • Yes, your course is tutored from start to finish and you have complete access to your tutor through email, phone, etc.

Question: 4

  • If I do not like the course will I get a full refund?
  • Please be aware once you download the course material you are not entitled to any refund. This is supported by European law. Please read carefully the terms and conditions set out on the Academy website.

Question: 5

  • Is your Herbal Course fully accredited?
  • Yes, this course is fully accredited. Please see the Accreditation notice on the Academy website.

Question: 6

  • Can I go on to further study after I complete your Herbal Course?
  • Yes. We will be only too pleased to recommend colleges where you can go on to further herbal learning.

Question: 7

  • Are there any hidden extras with this course that need to be paid for by the student?
  • Besides your 2 textbooks, there are no hidden extras, only a top-quality Herbal Course which is the best value on the market today.

Question: 8

  • Are there any educational videos and podcasts with your Herbal Course?
  • Yes, there is an excellent selection of videos and podcasts available when you join the Academy.