My name is Patrick Murphy. My main goal is simple: to empower people to improve their health by using simple herbal remedies at home.

Earlier in life, I obtained qualifications in herbal medicine, homoeopathy, advanced botany, herbal chemistry, pharmacognosy and herb horticulture.

I am so thrilled to share my insights and 25 years of experience of herbal medicine with you through my Herbal Diploma course.

Join me on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and of attaining herbal knowledge.

Kind regards,

Patrick Murphy studied Herbal Medicine at the BSy College and qualified in 1995. Patrick also holds several other qualifications in herbal medicine:-

PhD with Clayton College, USA.
Diploma in Herbal Medicine with the Blackford College, UK and a special Diploma in Family Herbal Medicine with the College of Natural Healing, Utah, USA.

Patrick has extensive domestic experience both in Ireland and abroad. Patrick has many Herbal Medicine Clinics all over Ireland.

Patrick has worked with herbalists in Sofia, Bulgaria, Fort Myers, Florida, USA and Brisbane, Australia. In recent times he has worked with doctors and herbalists in Prague, Czech Republic and Alicante, Spain.

Diploma in Medical Herbalism, BSy College, Devon, UK, 1995

Diploma in Homeopathy, BSy College, Devon, UK, 1996

PhD, Clayton College, USA, 1998

Diploma in Magnet-field Therapy, Mass future Medical, Germany, 2000

Diploma in Environmental Management, Environmental Management and Assessment Agency, EPA, Glasgow, Scotland, 2010

Associate Member, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, Glasgow, Scotland, 2011

Diploma in Family Herbalism, College of Herbal Medicine, Utah, USA, 2012

Diploma in Supertronic Energy Health Screening, Murcia, Spain, 2015

Diploma in Medical Herbalism, Blackford College, UK, 2017

Appointed to Board of Experts, Energy Company, Prague, Czech Republic, 2018

Dr Sophie Faherty MD
Sophie studied Medicine at the University of Paris VII and at the University of Reims in France.
She obtained her MD in 1995.
She practised as a registered GP in Connemara from 1997 to 2019 in several practices.  She also had a background of speciality in Gynaecology and Obstetrics and worked in Women’s Health in the Galway Family planning Clinic for 20 years.
She is now retired.
For more than thirty years she has grown her own food and herbs organically and has increasingly taken an interest in botany, permaculture, foraging,  holistic medicine and herbal remedies.